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Just bought my 24-70 from them 2 weeks ago at a reasonable price but ended up with a not so smooth zooming ring lens with some dust inside the lens elements. Returned it immediately and was told replacement will be in a week but am still waiting for the replacement till now. When I called Florence, she kept delaying week after week saying Canon has no stock or is having a stock take so have to continue to wait another week so now waiting into my 3rd week already.

Just some advice from me when buying from them:- Make sure they have the stock based on the price quoted and check carefully before you decide to pay for it. Other than that, it's a great experience dealing with them. Nice bunch of people there and one of the best shops here, in my opinion.
I don't see why MS would want to delay the exchange deliberately. I guess lesson here is check and check before handing over the cash. I was shopping for a Canon 50 1.8 there once and the only piece left had very rough focusing mechanism. When I asked, the staff said its like that one. Thats BS obviously so I end up buying from CP. I did buy a Fuji 31fd from MS and it was a smooth transaction (was served by Florence personally). I've experienced snobberish salesman from CP too. I guess its case by case and depends on you luck.

Anyway I think I'm going OT...