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    May I know who got info about bus from chengdu to JiuZhaiGou
    or is this the only way now? I'm backpacking

    Thanks in advance .....

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    Default Bus info

    I went 10 years ago, in 1994, so things may have changed.

    I doubt there are numbered buses, you prob have to catch tour buses arranged by the local tour agencies. Easiest if you join a package tour, as they know where to stop for the photo ops, and you get the company and narration of the "dao yiu".

    Be prepared for some hair raising bus rides. Chinese bus drivers seem to be think mountainous trails are suitable for F1 type driving, and they maintain only 5 cm or less side-to-side separation with passing buses and when overtaking...

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    Very nice place, snap more, hope to see your pictures soon.

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    I went to Sichuan 3-4 years ago, on package tour. If you are going from Chengdu, I guess most local agents or hotels will have such packages. It's quite a long way by bus, I remember having to stay over night at some hotel midway.

    When I was there, the tour guide said a new airport is being built near to Jiuzhaigou which will shorten travel time significantly. Another option is to stay over at one of the Shan Zhai (or village), the place is called Jiu Zhai Gou because there are 9 such villages.

    Other things to check out in Sichuan
    - Leshan Da Fo, think it is the biggest seated budda in the world. There is a choice of walking, from the top to the base, or by boat, where you can have a better perspective of the whole budda.

    - Huang Long, I missed this because the road was closed.

    In my opinion, Wo Long can be skipped, this is the nature reserve for pandas. Er Mei and Qing Cheng Mountains, are typical mountains with temples on top. Nice but not too fascinating. There is also a big waterfall but that can be missed too.

    Last word, try to go in low season, avoid China national holidays at all costs. The queues, pushing and shoving is horrible.


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