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Thread: Help needed.. :D

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    Default Help needed.. :D

    I am using photoshop edit a map in jpeg format. i wanted to make parts of the map to different colour, but i somehow only manage to colour it black.

    any1 knows the process of creating colour shapes? a total newbie here..

    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Help needed.. :D

    selection is key, once you have the area that you want to change
    then you can adjust the hue to change the colour

    this is only a basic way, there are many ways to achieve the same result

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    Default Re: Help needed.. :D

    Oh.. okok.. i go try out.. thanks.. time to buy photoshop for dummies... :

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    Default Re: Help needed.. :D

    Haha.. i realise im in greyscale mode.. thats y cant see colour.. thanks ortega.


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