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Thread: Time to bathe!

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    A story about 2 soft toys going for a wash.
    Stripey - Tiger
    Darky - Duck
    Owner - My GF

    Pictures were taken with D40 and 50mm f1.4 MF without flash. If the pictures are off foucs, please pardon me 'cause I am still getting a hang with MF lens.

    Please comment on my composition, image quality, storyline, etc. Thanks!

    Owner: Time for you two to bathe.

    Stripey: I'm wet

    Darky: Stripey, what are you doing in there?

    Stripey: GOTCHA!

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    Darky: EEEE!! You bad bad!

    Stripey: Come and join me, you don't have to be scared!

    Stripey: Come lar, don't need scare one.

    Stripey: Oops, got a trip. Sorry!

    Darky: Darky try it lor.

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    Stripey: Darky, are you dead?

    Darky: Oooo.. So cooling!

    Darky: It's so nice to bathe!

    Stripey: Told you it's nice already.

    Owner: Time to dry up.

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    really shows u need not raom in city to take pics...

    i would suggest to limit the no num of pictures to 5-6 to hold the theme....

    but anyway see teady taking bath...

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    cos i wanted to tell more story but still, i will stick to ard 5 pictures in future.

    PS: its a tiger, not teddy

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    Good stuff! i love storyline. Keep up good work dude.

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    very creative. i just love the story-telling.

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    thanks guys! i shall do more of story telling then

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    Interesting series. Except you have to watch out for the subjects' focus and the white balance.

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    thanks! focus wise was still new to me 'cause its my first time using MF lens so i was still playing around with it to see how it works at different apertures.

    overall, MF lens are still quite nice to use


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