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    I just picked up a OM-3 and my collection is near complete. Currently in my arsenal I have an OM-1 (silver), 2x OM-1(MD) silver and black, 2x OM-1n (silver and black), OM-2 (silver), OM-2n (black), OM-3 (black of course), OM-4 (black) and OM-4T (black).
    All I need now are the M-1 and the 3-Ti for the full run, both of which are ridiculously expensive (the wife will not let me even consider pursuing one of the "holy grail" solid gold OM-1's - one of which seems to be always circulating on the market). Anyways, as I am constantly picking up new OM-system cameras to repair and re-sell I was wondering whether there was a solid basis for the value of black OM cameras (1's and 2's) being more rare than their silver finished counterparts. I notice that for the OM-4T, of which I just unloaded a champagne finish one, that the black finishes sell for roughly 25% more.

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    so u r asking if u should get a black one or silver one? Looks like you are a collector, for that, i'll say get a black one

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    Yes, I'm collector, but looking to unload some of my duplicates. Think I'll hang onto the black bodies for now and dump the silver.


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