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Thread: [Urgent] advice required for ROM shoot

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    Default [Urgent] advice required for ROM shoot

    Hi all, this is my second post. i discovered that my post regarding this issue is not present anymore, perhaps due to the clupsnap homepage upgrade.

    ok, get back to questions:

    ROM photos how to on digital?

    Location is at a small hotel ball room, about 3m ceiling, typical yellow lighting.

    1) whats the typical exposure value?
    2) iso?
    3) bounce flash angle? 60 75
    4) flash or camera exposure compensation?
    5) manual, program, aperture mode?
    6) bride's make up?
    7) recommended lens?
    8) any special technique i can adopt or things to take note?

    hope all experience photographers could give advice asap, thanks.

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    Regarding your 7) recommended lens...

    Here is an interesting thread about it

    If it is your first time and not a paid job, IMHO use your MOST familiar lens and concentrate on capturing the moment. You will lose some, but hopefully can produce some shots good enough to present to the couple.

    If it is not your first time and you are asking other pro here about different options, ignore the above paragraph.

    Happy shooting!

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    Time factor is crucial during a wedding and I dont think you have many opportunity to think and apply your settings. At times your flash may not even recycle fast enough to catch the next shot.

    I'm not a professional but would recommended that you set your camera to aperture-priority so that you are able to provide your own creativity and would be helpful if you mount a constant F2.8 lens.

    Getting a flashgun that TTL with your camera would also help so that you wouldn't have to worry much about setting the correct exposure. For bouncing the light, you may want to apply 90 degree with the reflector pulled out (if any) otherwise put on a omnibounce. Another option is to use the flash diffuser in the absence of the above. In the absence of all, cover the flashgun head with a white hankerchief.

    However all the above is void if you are using a point-and-shoot!

    I hope these suggestions is a panadol to you

    Have fun!

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    Use "P" mode.
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    any particular reason, togu?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahbeng
    any particular reason, togu?
    according to Jay , you do not have many opportunity to think and apply your settings ... Why not let the camera decide for you the best settings

    Using P Mode , you can just concentrate on composition ..
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    i'm no expert, nor am i very experienced with weddings.

    I've shot ROM/weddings before and the following would be some of the settings that i usually use:

    1) Film/Digital: Typically ISO 400, or ISO 800 in really low light (s 1/4, 1/8)

    2) Manual mode: 1/30 or 1/60 Tv (the former when i use iso 800, 5.6 Av.)

    3) ETTL flash (420ex)

    4) EV +1/2, FEC +1/2 (when using film); EV 0, FEC +1/2 (digital)

    5) Flash exposure lock (almost always... do it fast )

    6) Vertical bounce when indoors (HBD flat equivalent), direct if the ceiling is too high. No omni bounce or card.

    7)General zoom lens like 28-105/28-135 range. You'd probably end up using the 28-60 range most of the time.

    IMVHO, i tend to stay away from P mode as it usually chooses the biggest aperture value, which may be not give me enough DOF. With E-TTL, i just use the above, FEL and let ETTL do the job.

    Hope the above helps...


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