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Thread: Thumbs up for SONY (after sales)

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    Default Thumbs up for SONY (after sales)

    Just want to share my great experience with Sony service centre at Orchard-Isetan.

    I sent my Sony camera for cleaning (1.5 months old camera, under warranty) due to dusk on the display.
    It was annoying me when viewing my pictures.

    After left my camera there for two weeks than it was my time to collect.
    Ohh no...
    I still found dust perk but diferrent locations on my display plus new problem
    occured, scratches on my display...
    Sony called me and explained that they need to change my display cover and must order this part from Japan therefore they need another two weeks.

    Because of my urgency to use this camera so I spoke to their manager.
    From the way he handled me showed he care and understand my frustruation.

    Final result:
    He managed to turn my "long face" to be smiley face by replacing my camera with brand new camera... and apologize for this case.
    He is helping me to register to get full warranty protection by SONY...

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    Default Re: Thumbs up for SONY (after sales)

    Wah...impressive leh.

    Good for you bro.
    Minolta. Konica Minolta. Sony


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