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Thread: Hi Am New here (looking for a guide!)

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    Default Re: Hi Am New here (looking for a guide!)

    Hi TS, I'm new too... but join in lots of photoshoot and learn more from fellow shooters on how to compose your models, catching of the angles, etc. Have fun!
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    Default Re: Hi Am New here (looking for a guide!)

    Quote Originally Posted by calebk View Post
    I don't know about you but I see a rising trend of the "teach less, learn more" approach, where teachers start students out on a learning journey, rather than spoonfeeding them the whole way. Spoonfeeding gives you knowledge; self-discovery gives you understanding and knowledge.
    As photography is a doing activity the best way to learn is to do. A little bit of theory, some basic explanations then explore, critique and then start again with a bit more theory.

    Learning how to do something is very different from learning how it is done...and you are right, self-discovery gives not only understanding and knowledge but a much more fulfilling sense of achievement.

    As for TS, shoot on your own, shoot with friends, even shoot with strangers, use the internet for inspiration and ideas and ask questions when you simply want to really understand the why and not just the how.
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    Default Re: Hi Am New here (looking for a guide!)

    i can help TS but im more familiar with Nikon hah cause i use nikon.
    if ts needs help , do pm me

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