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Thread: Anyone could advise me??

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    Smile Anyone could advise me??

    I got a few models for photo shoots...chargable of cause, whenever i go to the new trread it prom me i m not qualify,,, I m new to clubsnap.. please do advise how to be done or what i need to do?? Any kind person.....please if you know teach me. thks alot../.

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    You might want to check out this link...this may be why

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    Default Re: Anyone could advise me??

    thank for the advice.... well my models got to delay then,,, they are from JCs so hope they could made some income on it ....well delayy to be... snop snop

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    Are they experienced models? They can actually use the "Professional Service Offered" under "Marketplace". Ask them to post their profile there!
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    no... they are fresh out of cholrine... brand new face, wish to learn, age 17. ok i will try it out in the workshop .... thanks....


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