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    lots of well reputation shops have been listed here..
    but if like walking around shops at lucky plaza or perhaps some other outlets, and compare the price, the listed shops may not be selling at the lowest price.

    say comparing LORDS $1650 and an NIKON authorized shop $1600.
    service / price value come first?

    if going for service, like?
    after sales will be back to Nikon ma..
    I'm not those will spend $$$ on lens just after few weeks but only after months..

    just some poll from CSers, price value or service?

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    what is "nikon authorised shop"?

    i would rather go to lords than weather untested ground and end up kbkb on the forums

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    price value or service?

    i'd say both.

    but there is a time when i totally lost touch w photography and camera shops for a few years, and needed a cheap basic point-and-shoot. opted to buy from harvey norman. although i know its not going to be the cheapest, i really ve no mood going around checking prices for something listed $299 (travelling around and time all cost money).

    actually, i am quite impressed. cus i blur blur walked away after paying, and the salesman chased after me, said he had forgotten to include the FOC camera pouch.

    also, note integrity of shops. some shops got black-listed not because of no reason.

    they may quote u lower prices, but had already removed/replaced somethings in the kit set.

    and obscure shops are unlikely to offer better deals than reputable retailers, jus based on volume of their sales alone. order in bulk, cheaper. savings, hopefully pass on to consumers.

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    erm.. like those shops on level 1 in lucky plaza.. well there's a few on level 1 and 2, and even just next to LORDs.
    big yellow sign board on Nikon authorized.

    if you have walked ard lucky plaza.

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    no. most of lucky plaza is a minefield. to be honest, only lords is safe there, maybe with one or two more that others have talked about before.

    it is a tourist place, it will be carrot chopping zone. caveat emptor, you can try your luck.. good luck though

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    hmm.. minefield.. what a description..
    hmm.. shaky comments

    anyway standard D90 kit is 18-105VR.

    so this 18-105VR, is there any variants or things I should take note if the shops replaced it "unknowingly"

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    Yes, they might throw in the older 18-135mm (this has no VR) or 18-55 VR, but you should be getting the 18-105 VR if you are buying a D90 kit. AFAIK that is the correct kit package.

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    ok thanks for the update.
    no wonder last wkend, one shop quote me a non VR kit lens with D90 for 1450 which I thought I had the info mixed up.


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