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    Is AP in SLS reliable? ... cause I need to get 2 stuff ...
    and their price are far different than others ... thanks

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    Which 2 stuff?

    What the difference in price?

    Which other shops you compared with?

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    Since your question is so vague, I will just reply


    I buy stuff there and I am happy.

    Do your research properly.

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    two items ... BAT grip for D80 and 17-55 XR tamron.
    compared/called most shops ... bout 60 < 110 $ difference ... thants Y ...

    please don't flame me ...
    I did my research ...

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    Nobody is flaming you dude. Just that it is hard for us to give any advices without any info.

    The point is not to feel hesitant about posting prices and outlets here if you want comparison and advices.

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    no one was flaming. But if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    Search the consumer corner and this forum for 'sim lim' and you may get some useful pointers.

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    My experience with AP is that they're pretty ok when it comes to pricing but horrible when it comes to service.

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    AP in SLS...

    Price competitiveness is so-so. Doing some groundwork is a must if you want to get a good deal.

    Service is bad, or depends on who you talked to. I bought a few things from AP before. There was once I asked for a price of lens, and the salesperson didn't even bother to check and rattled off something unrealistic...I smiled and just walked off. He didn't show any interest/passion to serve. I won't buy any lens from them thereafter.


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