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Thread: Printing: Use Monitor Cailbrated ICC FILE, or Printer ICC file?

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    Default Printing: Use Monitor Cailbrated ICC FILE, or Printer ICC file?

    hi guys,
    my monitor is calibrated, and i have a custom ICC for my monitor.

    i want to print now... so do which do i use? my custom ICC, the PRINTER ICC profile,

    or adobe1998 / srgb?

    i still dun get it...

    read and read osso dun understand

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    This is one big question in my mind also.......think the darkroom is better for me.....

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    yah man this sugs!!!

    does noone noe what im tokking abt? or perhaps all to lazy to reply..

    bumpz please?

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    Search for color management or color (colour) space in the forum. This has been discussed to death already. It is not a simple topic to discuss and a book (which I had recommended before that you can borrow from the library) will give you all your answers. The Digital Darkroom may be a better place to put this question, actually.

    Hmmm, maybe with the Photoshop lessons, I can conduct a color managment training together...
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