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Thread: Low light portraits with LX-3

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    Default Low light portraits with LX-3

    I will be bringing the Panasonic LX-3 to a ballroom dinner soon, and I'm expecting the lights there to be quite dim. I'm looking to take mostly portraits and definitely some group shots, how will I manage this best with the LX-3? No flash with higher ISO or flash, which I think would produce really bright shots (Pictures taken from ~1.5m away). Would appreciate it if I could get more general tips and advice on photographing in this kind of low light situation.


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    Panasonic in low light? Heck LX-3 can't even pull off at iso 800, iso 400 is full of chroma, f2 lens wont help much, good ploy in fooling consumers. But don't listen to us, goto a dim place and try it first. Better off shooting outdoors.

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    Consumers are not fooled by f2, they are fooled by ISO and anti shake mechanisms.. haha. Look at the ads, no camera maker ever mentions aperture or focal length, just rubbishy info like how many x zoom and megapixels.

    Just use the flash...
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