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Thread: How to Hold Photo Exhibition

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    Wink How to Hold Photo Exhibition

    Just want to say hi! Am a newbie... just joined today.
    Am excited to be part of this network and to learn from one another.

    Over the past 4 years, I've travelled to over 30 countries, and have taken many pictures of people and nature around the world. Am interested to hold a mini photo exhibition in the future... to share my photographic journey with the public... something like the photo exhibitions at Citylink Mall, on the way to the Esplanade. Any suggestions how I can do so?

    Many Thanks!

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    aye. so sad to see that no one has replied you. i'm not very familiar with this but maybe i can help you brainstorm on how you may go about doing this.

    usually if youre thinking of commercial spaces like citylink mall, its pretty much out of the question unless you're willing to pay the advertising charges for it. galleries usually charge a fee for the time you rent out their space too so you do have to take into account that you have to put some money into it if you seriously want to exhibit.

    you can probably try calling up places like esplanade (but that one is quite competitive i think), objectifs at liang seah street.

    another way would be to collaborate with a few like minded friends and exhibit together. its more fun that way and you get more eyeballs on your photographs cos your friends will also call their friends down.

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    damn sorry, usually i get distracted with my thoughts and dont develop them fully.

    sorry, in addition to calling places like the esplanade and objectifs, you can also probably get advice from them on how you may go about exhibiting. if they cant let you exhibit in their spaces, they probably can offer you advice on the prodecures you may take to go about doing it. they -usually- are more than happy to help.

    hope they help!

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    it is not easy to hold an exhibition, and it costs money unless you can find sponsors. the prints, everything. also a lot of time.

    if you want help, maybe you can ask the ir regulars (teerex) who are very helpful, they have done an exhibition before at the national library space.


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