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Thread: How to insert copyright details?

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    Default How to insert copyright details?

    Anyone can teach me how to put copyright details such as "Copyright by ClubSnap" on every photographs that I took? Is there any program for that? What are the usual wordings to put?

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    Do a quick search on Thread Title "Watermark" and "Copyright" in CS. There are about 2 pages of information ....
    Cannot help you link it here because it is just too much. You will have to look thru it to see what you need.

    Good Luck.

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    I can imagine you will get information overload with that topic and waste more time swimming in useless chitchat and irrelevant threads. Anyway, one of the good application to manage metadata (imho) is adobe lightroom. When you plug in your cf card, it will launch and ask to copy or move the pix into your harddrive, and before it do so, you can instruct it to fill in metadata like copyright with your name. And it can be automated so you don't need to worry about it anymore.


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