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Thread: Question on tripod

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    Hi again,

    I am looking at the Gitzo or equivalent tripod, those superlight ones to mount Canon 50D and 100mm macro lense. What is a good model to consider for budget above 1k.

    I may in future get a 400mm for bird photography, should the tripod be the same or recommend for a separate one for heavier birding set-up.


    John E

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    Default Re: Question on tripod

    A budget over $1k can be $1,001.00 or $9,999.00..... so....

    A 400mm lens can be an f/5.6 or f/2.8..... so....

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    Lets say $1,000-1,500
    400mm lense f/2.8(whatever it means, for a newbie like me)

    Look forward to your reply.


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    Gitzo explorer if you are into macro with Markin M10 shd solve your problem.
    Life is like Photography, to improve, you have to keep shooting!

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    Thanks a lot egnaro. Will check it out.

    I guess the earlier Tang-Kit reply just take pot shot on newbie like me , reply him politely but no answer wonder he is still hiding in the hill. Anyway, cheers, at least got my advice.

    Thanks for all the help to a newbie.



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