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Thread: looking for a dry cabinate

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    Question looking for a dry cabinate

    does anyone know where I can find an electrically dehumidified dry cabinate? I know i can get one in bangkok but have no idea where in singapore, any suggestions?

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    you can find them easily. those photography shop like ms color, tk foto, orient photo, cathay photo they sells. even carrefour hypermarket and challenger also sell.

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    There's a few brands.. I know theres digi-cabi, akarui, value, ampro.

    Digihub available online with delivery:
    available at carrefour also but in limited sizes

    Akurui cabinet, distributed by Cathay photo, available from cathayphoto and courts.

    Value brand Dry cabi.. forget the exact name, available at Tangs.

    And another brand carried by Rodex Marketing via their website but it seems to be down so i can't get any info on these..

    There are many threads on these.. do a search~
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