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Thread: Taking Picture for rain drops

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    Default Taking Picture for rain drops

    Has anyone tried taking photo of rain drops before?
    I have tried a while back before,with fast shutter slow shutter but cant seem to get a nice decent picture. Kinda blur usually or just cant really see the droplets
    I would think that because rain being transparent, it is difficult for AI to focus and to capture rain as it falls.
    I am still new to photography so just wondering if any expert has tried it before and what setup would be needed to catch raindrops "freezing" in the frame.
    Ie. flash,dark background, manual focus, trial and error,etc etc


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    Default Re: Taking Picture for rain drops

    Please follow the following thread for pictures of water droplets:

    Canon 5D II, 20-35 f/2.8L, 28-80 f/2.8L, 70-200 f/4L IS, 100-300 f/5.6L, 100 f/2.8 Macro

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    Default Re: Taking Picture for rain drops

    something like my avatar pic? click the link below for a larger size..

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    Default Re: Taking Picture for rain drops

    hey guys,
    thanks for the replies.
    Its not exactly a single droplet that I am trying to take.
    But more like rain falling from the size.
    A little like J-chan's picture of rain droplets but maybe a little closer and bigger.

    Not sure if u guys know what I mean. It like trying to capture a few raindrops in tropical singapore, or snow flakes in the temperate regions


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    I've never tried this but my first thought was to:

    1. Point the camera at the rain
    2. Make sure the framing has a dark background (wall), so that we can distinguish the droplet from the background clearer.
    3. Switch to faster timing
    4. Set the focus at a distance infront where the rain will be falling (since my subject is the rain itself)
    5. Increase DOF - for dramatic effect.
    6. Fire away!

    Logically it should work right? If not, try shooting it downwards from higher ground.. this should reduce the speed of rain travelling as we are looking at it at an angle to the path of travel.

    Maybe I should have fun on this as well. Just short of rain lately.

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    Default Re: Taking Picture for rain drops

    hehe worth a try.

    I guess maybe with a good flash might help in exposing the raindrops more too =p

    Lets pray for a downpour soon.


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    Default Re: Taking Picture for rain drops

    closer and bigger?

    let me try describing a setup for that..
    Set camera with macro lens on tripod, optional umbrella to keep things dry.
    Set to manual focusing and adjust to desired magnification.
    Set a flash or two off cam, either pointing straight up or facing each other.
    Set power to lowest setting to get the fastest refresh rate and shortest flash duration.
    Set aperture accordingly and shutter speed to max sync speed to get dark background.
    Fire away in burst mode and hope for the best.


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