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    I just recently bought this China Brand (JIANISI) wired remote switch from Photo workshop from penn plaza, it is for my Canon 20D. The person told me that it can be used to hold the shutter open. It has a button and thats all, and it can also slide up to apprently hold the shutter open. Currently I cannot hold the shutter open, it snaps a photo when i press the button as I have to press the button open to slide up the thing to hold the shutter open, haha get what I mean... am I doing something wrong, is there a mode i have to set my camera to? someone please help. Could it be something wrong with the remote... erm the slide up remote button is called the "running lock"

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    Did you set your shutter speed to 'B' or 'bulb'?

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    OOOHH thanks so much man... appreciate it

    Problem Solved haha


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