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Thread: Unconditional Love Carnival 2003

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    Default Unconditional Love Carnival 2003

    Unconditional Love Carnival 2003 aims to organize this event (in brief) is to get children/ Families to get closer to pet, Be socially Responsible to Pets, Adoption, Microchipping and sterilization and most importantly please treat their pet as a part of the family and give more Unconditional Love to Pets.


    Children Inflatables, Carnival Game Stalls & Mini Train Rides Funtasy
    Talks on Adoption, Responsibility Pet Ownership & Pet Health Care
    ‘It’s Simply Mother’s’ (Muslim Caterer) Alfresco dining with pets under the stars
    Special Appearance of SNOOPY & official SNOOPY merchandizes
    Buy a Chilled Can Drink or Ice Cream @ $1 and 15cents would be donated to SPCA.
    Grooming demonstration by well known Pet Groomer - Mr Raymund Wee- "How to house keep your dog with a pair of scissors and a comb without hurting your pocket"
    Spectacular Dogs’ Fashion Show
    Dog Shows and interesting Doggie contests like "Waggy Race", "Mr/Ms. Congeniality", "Talent Time”, "Skip the Limit", "Fancy Dress", "Splitting Image" & "Zig-Zag"
    Singapore Super Munch Competition (Dog Speed Eating Competition)
    On-spot Basic Grooming service @ $10 (Paws “N” Furs logo)
    On-spot Micro-chipping services
    D’ Amazing Jeremy Magic and Juggling Show
    Jazz performances at night
    Enclosure/playground for dog’s gathering and drinking points
    Sweet Treats- Popcorns & Candy Floss
    1,000 free goodies bag
    Fabulous Lucky Draw prizes to be won
    *** Most services provided above contributes part proceed to the official charities.
    Bazzar stalls on pet and children’s related products & services

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    a muslim caterer at a dog event? what were they thinking. haha

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    Also don't know what the organiser is thinking. Looks more like a pasar malam.

    Quote Originally Posted by blizzy
    a muslim caterer at a dog event? what were they thinking. haha

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    Finally one that the timing starts from 12pm!

    Might make my way there

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    Default Lets take this opportunity to clarify.....

    Hi All....

    Since i stumbled upon this thread.......let have some clarification on the Muslim/dogs/Muslims/Dog thingy.....

    Here is a link to the most concise and complete info that i can find on the web at this moment......

    The Usual Questions about Muslims .....Dogs....."Malay cannot touch dogs..."

    Just doing my part to clear off some misconception....



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