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Thread: Is there any Video Forum?

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    Default Is there any Video Forum?

    Would like to ask whether anybody knows that Singapore has any Video Shooting Forum that similar as clubsnap?

    Hihihi.. thnx ..

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    Would appreciate something like that shooting and editing as well....

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    videography forum... not that I heard/know of, could be I'm not well-informed

    that url is great... but it doesn't seems local though... maybe we could start a videography forum also??? anyone interested? I'm more into video editing though...

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    Yaya... Hope to have a video forum too ... now addicted to video editing ... hihi

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    haven't been doing video editing for quite some time already, but gonna do one for a friend's friend's wedding soon.

    i'm quite sure they're many people around who're also interested in video editing, so why not let's start a forum too?

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    Hihi... there is a mini forum within HWZ, and someone is on the way to do up something about a video forum on

    Not trying to pull people away from this forum anyway, any place to learn more about videography is good for everybody. Great to share more knowledge about videography with everyone, am a newbie in this field too.

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    I am also very into video shooting and editing, more than photography! Maybe we can work something out...

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    me newbie in this area as well , 2 month old to be exact,
    just finished shooting a tape on my son,
    now doing editing and piecing stuff together......

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    hardwarezone has one... but the place isn't that technicalised...


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