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    Default centering selection


    For photoshop,
    if you make a rectangualr selection on a pic,
    is there any key to center the selection on both axis ?


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    Here's one way (maybe someone can describe an easier way):
    1. Make your selection.
    2. Open a blank layer and fill the selection with a color.
    3. Hit Ctrl-A to select all (the entire blank layer, including the filled area).
    4. Hit V to turn on the move tool.
    5. On the toolbar, click the icons to center horizontally and center vertically. This centers the filled area.
    6. Control-click the layer icon to reselect the filled area.
    7. Delete the layer with the filled area. The centered selection remains.

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    Default Re: centering selection

    Click on the Create New Layer icon in the Layers palette.
    Press Option-Delete (PC: Alt-Backspace) to fill it with your Foreground Colour.
    Press Command-R (PC:Control-R) to make your rulers visible.
    Drag your guides from the top and left rulers to the center of the document.
    Guides will snap to horizontal and vertical centers automatically.
    If they don't, make sure Snap command is active in the View menu.
    You can delete the layer.

    Another method is to use the Free Transform bounding box.
    Press Command-T (PC: Control-T) and you will find the transform handles in the center of the top and bottom as well as at the sides. You can drag your guides as above to get a centered selection.

    Whichever method you use, press the Alt/Option key while dragging the Marquee tool from the center point as marked by your guides.
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