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Thread: memory cards vs. fungus

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    Default memory cards vs. fungus

    Hello fellow CSer,
    Usually I store my cameras and lenses inside my dry cabinet with controlled RH at
    around 45%. Lately I forgot to take out my spare memory cards from my camera bag.

    I know humidity will cause fungus grow so will it be affecting my memory card as well?

    Do you have any experience where store your memory cards outside dry cabinet?

    pls share your thoughts


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    Default Re: memory cards vs. fungus

    Hi kitty2,

    There is no need to store memory cards in the dry cabinet as they are not affected by fungus. They are just electronic chips similar to those inside your computer.

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    Default Re: memory cards vs. fungus

    Memory card would not be affested by fungus.

    Main problem with memory card is the lock/unlock switch. If you have problem write/rewrite the memory card, it is probably because of this.

    What you can do is to leave the switch to unlock, then tape it or super glue it.

    For me I just yanked the switch out.

    I got this problem once but got a good advice and was shocked that it worked!


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    Default Re: memory cards vs. fungus

    Memory cards are not affected by fungus, they are sealed. My CF cards even survived a drop into seawater, no issue at all. After drying they still perform without problems.
    But your concerns are somewhat valid: since we touch the memory cards quite often with hands the sweat and dust provide a nice breeding ground at the outside. If you leave your cards in the camera bag for weeks you might find them 'colonized'

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    Default Re: memory cards vs. fungus

    Don't need to worry abt memory cards unless u have taken it from extreme temperatures like sub-zero to tropical, or temperate to tropical and all the in between combinations where there are huge temperature differences.

    Some condensation might have occurred, so just wipe it dry and let it settle to the normal temperature.

    So if you like, you can put ur memory cards inside the dry cabinet, or somewhere cool (not under high heat sources).

    Just keep them dry, ur memory cards will thank you.

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    Default Re: memory cards vs. fungus

    Thanks for all opinions.


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