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Thread: Canon D30 & Nikon LS40 work on Win XP?

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    Default Canon D30 & Nikon LS40 work on Win XP?

    I currently have Win ME as my OS in the computer. Am thinking of upgrading to Win XP Pro. But I would like to know if the softwares that come with the Canon D30 and Nikon LS40 film scanner work on Win XP. Any popular software or hardware (eg X-Drive) that won't run with the XP?

    I have a Pentium III 1GHz. Any problems in this upgrading? Cos I heard for Win XP, it's recommended to have Pentium IV?

    Thanks so much!!!

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    p3 1ghz is ok for winxp, but i think it is more of the memory that matters. How much ram u have? at least 256mb i recommend


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