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Thread: Need Advice on Canon Lens

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    Hi, i getting my first DSLR end of this month but still can't decide which lens to get. Looking at 50mm f1.8(heard it good and afforable) and 50mm f1.4. Anyone here in CS know the price of the 50mm f1.4 lens? Thanks alot.

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    Is there any point to a lens which is good and affordable but is useless to you? You have to know what you are shooting to decide which lens to get.

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    You can check out the prices here >>Canon Lenses Prices.

    Since you're new to DSLR, I'll probably recommend the 1.8 unless you don't mind spending more for 1.4. 1.8 is best value for money with good IQ.

    You can do a search under Equipment Discussion: Canon. A lot have been discussed.

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    thks for the advice kit.
    thks for the link blaster, appreciate it.

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    You're probably getting a cropped sensor camera like the 450D or 40/50D, so the 50 mm is 80 mm field of view. I personally find it not as pleasing to use as my 100 mm (160mm), though the f1.4 is great for low light.

    Generally, when I do casual snapshots, I use the kit lens since it's light, versatile and can focus close distances. For serious shoots, it's either 50, 100 or the 200-500 depending on subject. People always recommend the 50 mm so it's alright to just get it even if you don't know what the hell it is, because you will only truly start to appreciate the power of an SLR with multiple lenses.
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