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    Thanks for all the great shots in the gallery. Really spur me to dive into this endless tunnel of visions.

    I am a newbie and still am, with loads of curiosity.

    I noticed that most of the shots have technical informations e.g. Fstop, ISO,speed etc.

    How do you record this information. I guess the info may be available when the pic is still the cam but after downloading the pic, can we still have those in record? If not, do you manually record them?


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    These info stay with the photo file even after its downloaded onto the computer.

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    Do a google for Opanda, a simple software for viewing Exif.

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    Hey thanks, This is really eye opener for me. Great!! Thanks!!

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    The meaning of all these "technical information" like aperture, shutter speed etc. is explained in the Newbies Guide here. Read it, it's the very basic that you need to know. The fact that the camera records the information into the file is just a piece of convenience since it's all digital anyway. When asking for advice about picture that didn't turn out as intended the EXIF data are the first point to look for. Without this it's a lot more difficult to analyze what went wrong.

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    You can also get it by highlighting the photo in windows explorer and then right click>property>summary>advanced if needed

    Easier way would be to use free software like photoscape and choose the exif options

    BTW the exif info is lost once the photo is edited unless a dedicated PP software eg photoscape is used
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