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Thread: Nikon D90 or Canon 40D

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    hahaha.....if choose a gal..then im sure i can settle by myself.....but if choose a camera....
    i need all of ur opinion....
    but just now calek mentioned canon 40D is a better and one level up camera than nikon D90!!!really???may i knw the reason behind???thx.....
    anyway...the live view of canon 40D cant auto focus huh.....abit not easy to use???

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    Default Re: Nikon D90 or Canon 40D

    Are you asking to be spoonfed or asking to be spoonfed?

    Read both these full detailed reviews and see if you can understand the full features offered by each camera. The Nikon Dxx series has always been known to be a competitor to the Canon xxxD series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by akagi07 View Post
    share my view.. though I had not yet gotten the camera.. saving for 1
    i guess in term of IQ. alot of people here wil say its the person behind the cam. so e cams u getting now are e same.
    In term of build, ya 40D is better but are you tt rough like getting to the ground to take shots? else a normal cam body ll do..
    the rest, more like the functionalities that you need. D90 offers extra and better higher-ISO in those sample img taken in the review sites.
    correct me if i'm wrong.

    other than that, I suppose 40D offer faster frame rates which tts the unique point.
    I'm saving for D90, haha get more people to share same view with me. But I'm now heading to anywhere everywhere to find it to test it..

    Like the chinese site posted earlier, 40D now should cost cheaper, and IMO, canon lens seems cheaper but i had people posting here saying Nikon lens are good and better.. who knows.

    NIKON !! my heart is inclined to N gang just wait to get my hand to touch the 90 body..

    sharing my thoughts
    can go to nikon showroom at xerox towers.. =]
    i haven't been there but people say quite good, quite friendly.
    planning to go down myself one of these days to try the D90 too

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