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Thread: Testing for Lens Sharpness?

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    Default Testing for Lens Sharpness?

    Hi guys,
    wondering if any of you can help me out here, i have with me a 28-70 nikon f2.8,
    shooting using a d200 body.
    but am starting to wonder if there is something wrong with my copy (lens),
    images come out rather soft, even when shot at f4.5

    is there a way to comfirm my suspicions? say, a lens sharpnes chart, etc..and how do i go about using it, thanks!

    I guess this will come in handy for those who plan to get a "sharp" copy when purchasing at the shops as well,
    Hope to receive some inputs,

    Many thanks,

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    Default Re: Testing for Lens Sharpness?

    The problem is, lens sharpness is a total of many things, and not just resolution.

    Have a read:

    Lots of other informative reading material:


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