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    Hi guys and friends.

    I'm trying out some tritones techniques. Does this photo work for you ?

    how can I improve more in terms of color tone ? the shadow, midtones and highlights.... please don't bother about the compo.... my focus here is on the color tone.... thanks ya

    shoot me pls !

    thanks and cheers

    ps: anyone here with experience in tritone processing ? I would like to know how to bring out the focus in the photo more ? ie. to make it dramatic.. and powerful...
    I am Noob.

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    Not sure if this is better.

    Increased the contrast and played with curves in photoshop.

    Also added a slight gradient/shadow on the bottom left to 'darken' the area her hand is.

    Objective? To give more emphasis on the face and bring out some details.
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    Errr.. did you just emphasised on her eyebags / dark rings there??
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    emphasis on the face especially on the eys...

    problem is i dunno how to bring it out in the photo ~ or perhaps, the photo itself is bad... ???
    I am Noob.


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