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Thread: Qns regarding X drive 2

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    Default Qns regarding X drive 2

    Hi to all bros out there...

    I've juz gotten myself an X-drive 2, and got some questions to ask...

    1) I understand that I've gotta format my Hdd to FAT system, not the NTFS. Next, i've read several posts saying it is best to reformat the memory card using the x-drive. How do you format the memory card using it?

    2) What's the best possible way to save images without any possible destruction from the memory card? First Power on then insert card? Or do it the other way round?

    3) Next, I've read some posts, saying that it is best not to delete any images while in the camera cos it disrupts the FAT system. Anyone encountered this problem?

    4) Is the firmware upgradeable? What's the latest at the moment, and how do we check the current firmware?


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    1) Afaik, reformating memory is probably better done with the camera rather than with X-drive.

    2) Doesn't matter. What is more important is that you don't remove the memory card while copying is in progress.

    3) Yup I do. But that was with the older firmware. Heard that the newer firmware did address this issue, but didn't follow on the issue.

    4) It is upgradable. Check on dpreview storage media forum for tons of detail information on this.


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