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Thread: expired film ... need a urgent reply!

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    Default expired film ... need a urgent reply!

    hi ... does a expired 4 yrs films has a big differences as compared to a non-expired film ????? by the way the expired film has been stored in frigde all along ...

    thanks ... need an urgent repll ....

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    If you are looking to play safe ie you want to be sure your film is alright for whatever you plan to shoot, why not head down to town right now to get the film? What emulsion do you plan to use?

    If you don't mind risking you can always try the expired film.

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    You're taking a risk using expired films, "problems" such as color shifts (slide films) and loss of contrast (black & white films) usually occur. Unless your subject matter doesn't justify buying a fresh roll of film, or you're cross-processing (then expired films become the choice film), I'd ditch the old film.

    4 years in cold storage is a long time for a roll of film (or anything in the fridge), you'll probably get unsatisfactory results from it.

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    hmmm . in tat case .. then i think 'suan le' ...
    thanks guys ...

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    mmm.......try to push the film 2 stops and u may get some yellowish effect(for kodak's EPL Cross-process)rate it at ASA 800.....use the film after 1 hour after u take out from the frigde......... ..........there may be different effects according the exp. date........results may defer from time to time.


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