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Thread: The new bus from SBS Transit - K230

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    Default The new bus from SBS Transit - K230

    Picture is unedited out of the box, only added a frame and copyright stuff.
    I have chosen this aperture/shutter speed compensation because I am intending to do panning, but then the picture came out a surprise to me.
    The following is the camera settings used to photograph this picture:
    ISO 80
    SS 1/30
    F F8
    Camera: Canon S5 IS without any add-ons.
    Maybe I should add in my polarizer to slow down the shutter speed more? Or 1/30 is ideal?

    FYI K230, power by scania, is the SBST first low floor, wheelchair accessible single-deck bus.
    After'all pictures are meant to speak a 1000 words.
    Any comments of the picture to make it have more impact?
    What is the first impression of this picture to you at first view??
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    Default Re: The new bus from SBS Transit - K230

    If a picture can't show its intended purpose, the picture is not intended to be shown.

    Your K230 for this instance is illegible, so the picture failed its most basic aspect, to inform people of the bus service K230. or is it this model is K230? not a bus person.

    Also, the rear framing is too tight. give some allowance next time.
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    Default Re: The new bus from SBS Transit - K230

    If your intentions were to accentuate a sense of speed, why choose a bus to begin with?? Its not something that most people would associate with speed (crazy drivers aside). What is essentially shown here is a blurred block of red, white and purple moving on the road. Now if this was an F1 car, then it would have been much better.


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