I have yet to convert to Mac yet and now I owned both PC and iMac. The reason to keep two because I have software needs which both machines would fulfill but so far, neither can completely warrant my software needs.

Now that I own a Mac, I must admit this is a very beautifully crafted computer. Is there a SIM LIM equivalent haven or shop where I can get reasonably price accessories for my iMAC? I am trying to find a keyboard protector but most shops I went to is offering at least $30 for such a protector when I remembered in the last PC Show, one booth was offering $18 and now I am kicking myself for not getting it that time as I thought I can easily find the same offer outside of the PC show.

I am looking for tips where to find reasonable priced accessories for iMac though I know Mac accessories normally command a premium on the price tag. Any advice is much appreciated. TIA!