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Thread: SingTel to raise fixed-line rates by $10/year from January

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    Default Re: SingTel to raise fixed-line rates by $10/year from January

    Compare to the 20+% increase for electricity, this is nothing....

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    Default Re: SingTel to raise fixed-line rates by $10/year from January

    more update...
    Quote Originally Posted by
    Majority likely to accept rate hike
    Analysts cite benefits of land line, but some users plan to cancel service
    By Serene Luo

    NEWS that SingTel will increase fixed lines charges come January has proven to be the last straw for some customers who plan to ditch the service, which is already waning in popularity.
    Marketing manager Dolly Cheng, 36, is among those who plan to rely solely on their mobile phones after SingTel said this week that it would raise subscription charges for land lines by $10 a year.

    She and her IT-professional husband, who get about five calls a week at their Bishan flat, have been considering cancelling the line for the past year.

    While the increase is not huge, 'that $10 extra a year just gives us an immediate reason now to just do it', she said.
    On Monday, SingTel announced that it would, after 18 years, increase subscription charges to $110 annually, and up tariffs by 0.1 cent.
    A minute-long call will cost 1.6 cents during between 9am and 7pm from Mondays to Fridays, and 0.8 cents at other times.
    SingTel cited increasing wages and rising copper prices as reasons for the price increase.
    In recent years, the number of fixed lines in Singapore has been dropping. There were almost 90,000 fewer in July this year than in 2001.
    Over the same time, the number of mobile phone subscriptions has doubled to more than 6 million.
    But analysts believe land lines are not obsolete as yet.
    That is because:
    Fixed lines, made of copper, give better voice quality than other current options, including Internet calls.
    Calls on low-bandwidth broadband lines are prone to glitches.
    Fixed-line rates are still much cheaper than other options, such as mobile calls. For instance, SingTel's rate of 1.6 cents per minute for calls is one-tenth that of mobile phones.
    Consumers may find staying with fixed lines more convenient than switching to other options.
    Businesses that want to switch to Internet phone calls could face downtime during the changeover and have to publicise new numbers, said Mr Kamlesh Kalwar, an industry analyst with research firm Frost and Sullivan.
    Though some people will feel the pinch because of recent increases in power bills and transport fees, most will understand the adjustment, he said.
    Mr Foong King Yew, a research director with research firm Gartner, said the increase is unlikely to hamper businesses.
    'Fixed-line local call charges are only a fraction of the total operating cost of many large businesses here,' he said.
    Alternatives to land line
    Subscribe to StarHub's Digital Voice Home

    Calls are carried by broadband cables. Regular phones are plugged into special modems linked to the same StarHub points used for cable television.
    Cost: Free for StarHub's cable TV or MaxOnline broadband subscribers. Or $10.70 a month for non-subscribers. The modem costs about $90. Those who switch from SingTel from now till year's end will get the modem for free.
    Use mobile phones exclusively

    Cost: About 16 cents a minute and up, depending on the service provider and plan.
    Use Internet telephony programs

    Calls are transmitted by broadband. Callers use headsets with programs like Skype or MediaRing Talk to place calls via computers. Cost: Calls are free if they are from one computer to another, even if the person you are talking to is overseas. Calling a fixed line or mobile phone will cost two cents a minute or more, depending on the country.
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    Default Re: SingTel to raise fixed-line rates by $10/year from January

    Quote Originally Posted by trucatus View Post
    Compare to the 20+% increase for electricity, this is nothing....
    so, it is ok for you that EVERYTHING go up 1 or 2% if u are using such comparison?

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