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Thread: help! - boot disk failure

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    Default help! - boot disk failure

    Oh no... my boot disk is unable to boot... think some system files may have been corrupted. Problem is, there are files in C: drive that i still need.

    Is there any tool out there that can boot into an interface that allows you to copy the contents of the disk to another location, without booting into windows?

    Any help appreciated!

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    Bro, you have to remove the HD from the PC, plug it into an IDE/SATA-USB external interface console and then use other people's PC/notebook to connect to the console to retrieve your important documents. Save them in a CD or thumbdrive.

    For corrupted system files, it is always faster to reformat the whole hard disk if the recovery CD does not work. Replacing the sys files directly via DOS may not always work. After booting the PC using a boot disk, you can transfer the sys files from the boot disk to c: using

    sys a: c:

    If you don't have a floppy drive, you can get a USB floppy drive easily at Sim Lim.

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    Default Re: help! - boot disk failure

    what u using?

    if you have another bootdisk in your system for eg, Pri-Master Current Boot, Pri-Slave alternative boot then boot to Pri-Slave.
    if sata, then see which boot...

    if no bootdisk, then unplug and plug to another system.

    if you are using xp or vista, you can just reinstall the OS to fix the boot issue. But if its physical damage, gged...
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    Default Re: help! - boot disk failure

    Bro.. I got the HDD disk connector which can connect IDE or SATA HDD to USB. Once connected you can plug into any working pc to recover the data. This is provided that it's a software problem. If it's a hardware failure, than all is gone unless you send for professional data recovery services. Call me if you need the connector.

    Alternatively, you can also use BartPE to create a bootdisk to boot into your machine. It can map a drive to an exisiting machine and transfer the files. You can also replace any corrupted boot files if needed.

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    thanks guys for all your suggestions... appreciate it. It turns out that there is a hardware fault with the hard disk.. so decided to let it RIP.. sob sob..

    Now need to reinstall everything.. sigh... good thing my main data is stored somewhere else.. heng ah..


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