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Thread: opening raw files.

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    Default opening raw files.

    i have been able to open my raw pictures (NEF) in photoshop when i use my d70.
    but the raw pictures taken by my d80 can not be opened in PS, the computer says it is the WRONG FORMAT.

    but when i click the properties of the raw files from d70 and d80, they are exactly the same.
    anyone know what problem is this?

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    Default Re: opening raw files.

    this question pops up every once in a while...

    have you tried updating your photoshop, if its CS3?... that should solve the problem...

    if you are using CS2 or earlier, here's my reply to a previous query... substitute "D700" with "D80" and the explanation should be the same...

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    Default Re: opening raw files.

    try downloading latest version of Adobe Camera RAW?


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