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Thread: The best of the budget!

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    Default The best of the budget!

    i have this thing for cheap lenses ( I believe we all do)

    when i mean cheap.... i mean perhaps something less than $600 new? give and take a few dollars lah..cheaper the better!

    so why not lets start listing, some of the al cheapos that does wonders? any brand, any format, any focal length.

    if possible, price when new, focal length, F stop and make!

    1.EF 35/2, $450, cheap, sharp, fast, and offers nearly 50mm perspective on a crop body. usable on FF!

    add on, and pass on the joy of the al cheapos

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    Default Re: The best of the budget!

    EF 24mm f2.8. Got it for $280. Human eye view on APS-C, wide on FF!

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    Default Re: The best of the budget!

    EF 50mm f/1.8 cheapest of the lot.

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    Default Re: The best of the budget!

    Olympus kit lenses, 14-42mm and 40-150mm. Both can be had for less than $300-400 on B&S. One of the best kit lenses I've used.

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    Default Re: The best of the budget!

    The Nikon 50mm AF f/1.8 at S$100+ is one of the ultimate cheapo lenses.

    The quality is stunning and comparable to the 50mm AF f/1.4 at S$450+.
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