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    Default WTS: New Nokia 7250 Mobile Phone


    WTS a 7250 (not the i version) that was won in a lucky draw. This set is for export (i.e. no iDA sticker and no local warranty). This is the Nokia phone model that comes with a digital camera built in. Look up for details of specs.

    Box is opened and battery is charged to check that both phone and battery are working. Other than that the phone is unused. The phone is blue in color.

    The difference between the 7250 and 7250i is in software only. The 7250i contains the following additional:
    - digital zoom function for the camera
    - hot-key for wireless internet access
    - image editing features like clip-art and framing
    - XHTML browser

    Current singtelshop prices are $468 and $538 for the 7250 and 7250i respectively. Both prices are for upgrade or new line signup (i.e. with a 2 year contract with Singtel). Equipment only prices are approximately $100 more (i.e. $568 and $638 for the 7250 and 7250i respectively).

    With the above in mind, the first PM to offer $400 would get the phone.

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    no warrenty rite for the phone

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    Yes, no local warranty!

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    Phone is SOLD. Thanks for viewing!


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