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Thread: Top of Europe: Swiss Jungfraujoch

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    Default Top of Europe: Swiss Jungfraujoch

    Images shot with 'Sunny f22-rule' manual exposure (ISO 100, f22, Tv= 1/100s) for non mid-tone, snowy white landscapes."

    Picture of the train that takes you up to the top (bright sunny lit, f16, ISO 100, Tv = 1/100s).

    I had sent these pics for commercial printing and the blue was bluer when I printed on 4R with a 6MP image. In addition, noticeable loss of resolution and details seen in the snow in this posted pic (size 800x557 pixels, medium resolution detailing on PS) vs the printed one(4R, 6MP, no-compression).
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    Default Comments welcome!

    Comments welcome!


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