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    Recently after using CS3 for 1months plus running flawlessly, i notice opening JPG and tiffs file is extremely SLOW. It appears my PS hanged with all the controls lock up and u cant do anything. Then after about 1 min its done loading the jpg and tiff and u can do editing to it again. This is kinda pissing me off as every photo i open i need to wait! T_T.

    And also no matter the size of the jpg or tiffs it(PS) will just hang there for awhile b4 i can start editing.
    When opening a RAW file no problem, instantly it loads the RAW editor but once i click open image the freeze up starts again.

    My PC spec is Core 2 duo 2.4GHZ 4GB RAM which i believe shouldnt be due to insufficient resource. My PC is clean.

    Thanks for reading and helping if you can

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    It could have been a shared/network printer, as appointed in the solution below.
    Quote Originally Posted by
    Adobe’s new CS3 (Photoshop and Illustrator mostly) experiences slow performance and lagging when opening or creating files regardless of size or type.

    Check your printers. this error is related to the default printer and print service. If you have an offline or unconnected printer, this is most likely your issue. Remove any offline or old/duplicate references to networked printers. If the printer is timing out, you will experience lag in Photoshop and Illustrator even on fast systems.
    Related link for futher reading:

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    try reinstalling ur photoshop

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    OH Hell yeah. I did some googling on my part too and found that most ppl encouter this with a offline printer. Now i am back to speed! thanks!

    But i wonder how to work around this without having to remove the printer and adding it back and removing and adding it back when u need to print and need to editi photo

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    Have you tried selecting a local printer as default? (Even if it doesn't exist)
    You can then select the printer on your network in the printing option should you need to.

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    Hm.. Will give it a try. But it seems to be affecting offline printer as well. So even if my printer is local and offline it seems to be affected.

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    you could install a free virtual printer like PrimoPDF, a PDF printer, and make it default...


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