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Thread: [News] Jailed for tampered fuel gauge

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    Oct 2, 2008

    Jailed for tampered fuel gauge
    The motorist is the third to be caught and charged.

    A SINGAPOREAN motorist was fined and jailed for two weeks for tampering a fuel gauge and giving false information to an inspecting officer.

    Alfred Tan Chee Heng, 27, was fined $500 for the first charge, and jailed two weeks for the second.

    On Aug 18, Tan drove his car to Woodlands Checkpoint where he was stoppped by an Immigrations & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officer for a fuel gauge check. Before the check was conducted, the officer asked Tan if his fuel tank was three-quarters full. Tan said yes.

    The officer then asked if there were any device fixed in his car to tamper with the fuel gauge meter, to which Tan denied.

    However, a thorough check revealed a remote control.

    After being questioned, Tan admitted that the device was for manipulating his vehicle's fuel gauge reading. He also admitted that his car lacked the required amount of fuel.

    On activation of the remote control, the fuel indicator dropped from the three-quarter mark to the one-quarter mark.

    A follow-up inspection at Singapore Customs confirmed the offences. Further investigations also revealed that Tan was aware of the three-quarter tank rule and that he had given false information to the ICA officer.

    On Sept 26, Tan pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced by the court.

    Tan is the third person in two years to be charged in court for tampering with a fuel gauge. Earlier this year, a 52-year-old was arrested and sentenced for similar offences.

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    Stupid fellow. But can tell u, there are still many many of them...

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    he is one of the "lucky" few to kena.
    Mythbusters - the bigger the explosion, the better it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mohgui View Post
    he is one of the "lucky" few to kena.
    ... & he is lucky guy number? maybe he should check his watch for 'lucky' number....


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