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for those interested in GTR, my friend was telling me his GTR's maintenance cost is almost doubled of his Boxster.

You can't change wheels as they have delicated sensors of which tyres cost a few thousands, every servicing requires ECU adjustment by proprietary equipment costings $1000+ and almost every single things that needs to be serviced requires some sort of special tools.

You can give me a GTR for free but I doubt I will have the means to upkeep this beast.

all the oils are special too.

and no ordinary OBD can diagnose this car.
even if you have the nissan OBD, you'll need the GTR card to read off the instrument.
which was why i say if you buy this car from pasar malam //-importers, it's as good as no warranty.

and because of the bad market, i was told a recent transaction of the GTR was priced at 235k.
it was pre-registered in japan and imported as a 'second-hand'.some // use this tactic.