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Thread: Water Heaters to recommend?

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    Default Water Heaters to recommend?

    What instant water heaters (for the bathroom) would you recommend? And which are the ones that I should avoid. Anyone care to share their experiences?

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    Was previously using a instant heater from Cornell (for more than 4 years, no problem after that I sold my house). Now using the free gas water heater (Rinnai) given by PUB - didn't really like it but slowly getting used to it.

    For the cornell (don't know the model), the internal heater was wrapped with a insulating material which the saleman say will safe electricity etc and most importantly the metal heater material will not deteriorate and take more effort to heat up.

    Anyway, there are 2 types of water heater, those with 2 temp control knob and those with 1 knob. 1 knob is used to control the heater temperature directly while the second (those with 2 knob) control the temperature by controlling the amount of water that pass thru it. So if your water flow is weak, cannot use those with 2 knobs.

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    u can get a gas water heater free if u apply for city gas

    i only know abt it the day when i bought an electric heater :mad: :mad:

    the brand i bought is bennington, less than a week old and it is not LEAKING HOT WATER!!!!

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    oh... good thing i asked, as i was under the impression that bennington heaters are reliable!


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