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    Repost - was deleted during server migration

    Comparison of 3 Dry Cabinets

    Toyo-Living ED-103 ($428 with free Crumpler Bag, Cathay)
    Am-Pro Equator 8 ($240 Carrefour)
    Bossmen SGD76 ($150 Mscolor)

    Comments refer to the exact models above. Other models may differ (eg: the Bossmen cabinet is the budget series and Bossmen has a 'higher-quality' series but I don't have one). Prices of course may change.

    Warranty and Service
    Toyo-Living the best with 5 years warranty. If any problem, can bring down to CP which is conveniently located. Bossmen - 5 yrs dehumidifer, 1 yr - cabinet, Am-Pro - 1 yr

    Temperature when operating
    Bossmen runs the coolest followed by Toyo-Living. Am-pro is very warm (some say hot) when operating.

    Can't really tell the difference. All are able to bring it down to 45% after 1 nights' operation (cabinet full of items).

    Built-in Hyrgrometer accuracy
    About 10% difference from digital hygrometer. Am-pro overstates the humidity while the others understate.

    Design notes
    The doors on all of them open and close very well. Maybe Toyo-Living has an edge in door quality in terms of the 'feel' in opening and closing.

    Toyo-living has the smallest dehumidifying unit - space saving?

    I like the proportions of the Toyo-Living the best. It is shallower than the rest so easier to integrate with other furniture. But Depth is useful for storing other stuff like large books.

    Am-Pro - The only one with pull-out trays. (Bossmen more expensive series has pull-out trays). Nice exterior design.

    Bossmen - the LED light is ALWAYS on. I called Bossmen Asia who says this is how they are designed (if inaccurate let me know so I can get my unit fixed). For Am-pro and Toyo-Living, the light goes off when the dehumidifier shuts off.

    Build Quality
    The Toyo-Living and Am-Pro are well built. The Bossmen (budget model remember?) a bit less so. Trays also not as nice. One screw of the dehumidifying is sticking out a bit (cannot be screwed flush…)

    Service History
    The Toyo-Living dehumidifier was faulty on purchase (shutter couldn't open and close properly) and was replaced by CP. The others no problems yet.

    I'm waiting for the next Toyo-Living sale!

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    Not sure whether your Build Quality refers to the cabinet? or humidifier? or both?

    I would say Bossmen's humidifier is better built at least compared to Am-Pro and it is damproof. Given Bossmen's 5yr warranty on the humdifier unit says alot about their quality.

    Current Am-Pro model at Carrefour doesn't come with magnetic strip on its door (like ur fridge) unlike Bossmen/Digi-Cabi. Hence, moisture can still sip in. Though external design is nice & with sliding tray.

    Lastly, Toyo Living & Bossmen are big corporation specializing in storage facilities.


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