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    Hi pple.

    Pls check out and support my paranormal forum.



    Lost all my data some time back....sigh...

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    We are currently looking for moderators to help run the various "depts" in the Paranormal Forum aka Necronomicon.

    Check it out. If u are interested in a particular section, just pm the gatekeeper on the necronomicon.


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    a revival of an old post for the New Year..

    HAPPY NEW YEAR guys!!!!

    Love the new look.

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    very interesting

    so far the only time i came close to what i believe was a ghost encounter was in army camp at night.

    it was my last few months of service and i was posted to a stay-out unit. 2 guys were on duty and 3 of us including me stayed in for the night. the fire alarm went off and the power supply tripped at around 3 am. after we rectified the faults then everybody went to sleep. soemhow i was half-comatose..then i heard footsteps along the bunk corridor..better still i heard what sounded like more than one females conversation voices the best part was everyone slept in separate quarters so location wise we were essentially mutualy isolated...needless to say nobody dared to walk out to the corridor and try to see what was going on. then later when i was almost asleep i felt something shaking me on my left arm at that moment i thought die for sure.. what the @!#$%^& is sadako doing next to me shaking me trying to wake me up? i played dead until the next morning...then next day i asked the other 4 guys they said they never heard anything?!

    as the days went by i gradually dismissed the possibility of it being a practical joke of the 4 guys against me. maybe it was really sadako after all
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