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    Default Praying in Asakusa

    I'd like to share a picture I took while on a trip to Japan this year. While inside a temple in Asakusa, I was able to catch this group of local tourists paying their respects in front of the main altar.

    I took a shot of a woman bowing in deep prayer, oblivious of others around her. I captured the scene in B&W to emphasize the action, and not on the colors of the setting. I hope to have captured the moment.

    Any comments are most welcome!

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    Default Re: Reverence

    hope to get some comments here on the good and bad points of the picture. thanks a lot!

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    Default Re: Reverence

    altho you want viewers to focus the attention on the 1st woman, by using a narrower DOF, however, it is still doesn't work.

    as the highlights are far more prominent here, and the expression of the woman is in shadow area.

    you need to move around to get a better angle of her, or sit in front of the computer to crop crop crop, burn burn burn.
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    Default Re: Reverence

    ya, i kinda agree that the woman's expression is in a dark angle. ok, will try cropping and burning more. thanks for the suggestion!


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