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Thread: HDD Crashed! Need advice..

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    Default HDD Crashed! Need advice..

    Hi guys,

    My Hdd just crashed a couple of days ago and needed to be formatted. Is there any softwares or shop to recommend for me to retrieve back most of my data? All my pictures are in that drive and its really sad for me to lose all of them.

    Please please, your help is greatly appriciated!

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    have you tried connecting it as a external HDD to another computer and see whether it is readable?

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    Default Re: HDD Crashed! Need advice..

    i tried and it didn't read, and after that i formatted it. I know i did it on the spur of the moment. shouldn't have formatted it 1st..

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    Try this.
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    Thanks guys for the effort.
    I've found this software "Get Data Back" which really worked for me and it almost recovered 90% of my HDD.


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