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Thread: What has photography become to the public?

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    Default What has photography become to the public?

    was just thinking today
    What has photography become to the public?

    I mean , it used to be the art of using light to capture an image , art , and who knows how many other nice things . now , the public are thinking more gear wise such that when i ask people "what do you think of photography ? " the most common answer i get is "woahh .. expensive hobby " (as in people are more gear oriented)

    what are your views on this?

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    Default Re: What has photography become to the public?

    They are called Camera man.

    Have you ever been to a wedding where the mother in law kept shouting across the hall "Camera Man, Come here take picture now"!

    Back on topic, it is a norm to see DSLR held by 10yr old to 88yr old these days. Photo art is not for everyone to appreciate.

    Sometimes, it becomes a nuisance when too many amateurs are shooting at one subject. Sophisticated camera is a toy of the modern era after handphones and mp3.

    The only time when people are regarded as a pro when the "pro" has a super huge camera, super huge everything. Size does matter after all! LOL

    And when one carry a 30yr old Leica, the auntie will say, "this guy still use a cheap camera, dont even have color tv screen behind."


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