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    I have been experiencing the following error message in my Canon EOS 350d.
    After to re-inserting the memory card it goes off.
    Tried updating the firmware up the problem still persists.
    Is there any other way to resolve it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    change lens... see if u got the same problem...

    if non means lens got problem or contact dirty ....

    i have an error ..(forgot the number shld be 99) ... aperture in the lens up lorry ...
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    canon error 99 is lens problem, can try cleaning the electrical contacts.
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    err 99 is not a serious problem, some condition not reach, eg, lens contact dirty, focus screen loose, memory card...... please be calm and find out

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    Some advise using the rubber eraser behind a pencil to rub the contacts in the camera as well


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