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Thread: TFCD shoot, who pay for the MUA?

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    Default TFCD shoot, who pay for the MUA?

    Hi guys,

    I believe many of you have engaged models for TFCD photo shoot session. If the model can't do their own make-up, will you pay for a MUA or split the cost?

    Comments appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    Default Re: TFCD shoot, who pay for the MUA?

    My opinion?

    ANY and ALL costs should be split equally, not just MUA.

    Anything that's not split 50-50 would seem unfair, and taking advantage ... unless got more 'special demands' come from one party more than the other, than the demanding party should bear most, if not all the cost. Also applies to accessories, rentals, wardrobe etc etc etc

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    Default Re: TFCD shoot, who pay for the MUA?

    Whatever it is, make sure both parties are informed of costs. However the cost is split, both side should come to a common agreement.

    But to answer question directly: Both pay, half-half.
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